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SkyRex Langkawi: All You Need to Know About This Thrilling 4D Adventure

What is SkyRex Langkawi?

SkyRex Langkawi is a 4D immersive tunnel attraction at Panorama Langkawi, Malaysia. It is the first of its kind to be opened in Langkawi. The attraction features a 30-seat tram that takes riders on a simulated journey through a prehistoric landscape filled with dinosaurs. 3D visuals, motion effects, special effects lighting, wind blowers, aroma, and water spray enhance the experience.

SkyRex Langkawi is a popular choice when visiting Langkawi Cable Car and SkyBridge.

Read on to learn all about SkyRex Langkawi, opening hours, what to expect, and more.

Why visit SkyRex Langkawi?

Tourist at the entrance of SkyRex
  • Pioneering 4D adventure in Langkawi: SkyRex Langkawi was a frontrunner in bringing immersive 4D experiences to Langkawi's tourism scene. This innovative attraction utilizes 3D visuals, motion effects, and special effects to create a rushing adventure. 
  • 4D Adventure for all ages: SkyRex offers a fun and educational experience suitable for most ages. The 3D visuals and special effects bring the dinosaurs to life, sparking curiosity and excitement, especially for younger visitors.
  • Travel back in time with dinosaurs: Blast off on a 5-minute prehistoric adventure through a simulated dinosaur world. Feel the thrill of the ride with motion effects, wind, and water sprays as you encounter towering dinos in their natural habitat.

Top things to do at SkyRex Langkawi

SkyRex Langkawi isn't a place with multiple attractions, but rather a single 4D immersive tunnel experience. However, the highlight of this experience is the thrilling ride through simulated prehistoric landscapes. Here's what you can expect at and near SkyRex Langkawi:

Plan your visit to SkyRex Langkawi

Timings - SkyRex Langkawi

Timings: 9:30am to 6pm daily 

Best time to visit: 

  • Weekdays & early mornings: Generally, weekdays are less crowded than weekends at SkyRex Langkawi, particularly during peak tourist season. Aim for an early morning visit (around opening time) to minimize waiting times and enjoy a less crowded experience.
  • Dry season (November to April):  Langkawi's dry season offers the most pleasant weather for outdoor activities, including your visit to SkyRex Langkawi. This period experiences less rain and sunshine, making it comfortable to explore the surrounding Oriental Village.

If you don’t mind the crowds, consider visiting during the early evening hours to catch the sunset on the horizon.

Address: 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia | Find on Maps

SkyRex Langkawi is conveniently situated in the heart of Langkawi, Malaysia. The Langkawi Cable Car serves as a gateway to attractions like the 3D Art Museum, the SkyDome, and the captivating SkyRex experience, all accessible from the cable car station. Located on the west coast, the station lies at the base of Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park, about 40 minutes from Kuah town and 20 minutes from Langkawi International Airport. Upon arrival, head to Oriental Village for access to the cable car station.

Facilities- SkyRex Langkawi
  • Food & beverages.
  • ATM
  • Prayer room
  • Lost and Found.
  • Restroom
  • Guest parking
  • Souvenir shops
  • Smoking area
Rules - SkyRex Langkawi
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated zones.
  • You cannot bring food or drinks from outside.
  • People with certain health conditions, such as heart problems, back issues, or pregnancy, might be advised not to participate due to the motion effects and potential intensity of the experience.
  • Following instructions from staff and remaining seated during the ride is mandatory.

Frequently asked questions about SkyRex Langkawi

What is SkyRex Langkawi?

SkyRex Langkawi is a thrilling 4D adventure where you ride through a simulated dinosaur world. Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping journey that promises excitement, thrills, and captivating experiences at every turn.

Where can I buy SkyRex Langkawi tickets?

You can buy SkyRex Langkawi tickets online. In fact, we recommend booking your tickets in advance to make for a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Can I visit SkyRex Langkawi with Langkawi Cable Car tickets?

Yes, you can visit SkyRex Langkawi with Langkawi Cable Car tickets depending on your choice of combo tickets.

What’s inside SkyRex Langkawi?

You can find prehistoric creatures like T-rexs chasing you on a fun and adrenaline-filled journey inside SkyRex.

What can I do at SkyRex Langkawi?

You can experience a virtual reality ride, complete with motion seats and other sensory effects, as you go on an adventure on Dinosaur Island.

What are SkyRex Langkawi timings?

SkyRex Langkawi is open daily from 9:30am to 6pm.

Where is SkyRex Langkawi located?

SkyRex Langkawi is located near the SkyBridge Cable Car Base Station in Kedah, Langkawi.

Is photography allowed at SkyRex Langkawi?

Yes, photography is allowed at SkyRex Langkawi.

Are there any restrictions on SkyRex Langkawi?

SkyRex Langkawi might not be suitable for pregnant people or people with heart conditions.