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Langkawi Cable Car Timings

Frequently asked questions about Langkawi Cable Car Timings

What are the standard operating hours of Langkawi Cable Car?

The standard operating hours are from 9am to 6:30pm daily.

Is Langkawi Cable Car open year-round?

Yes, Langkawi Cable Car is generally open throughout the year, with a few exceptions for scheduled maintenance.

When are the busiest times to visit Langkawi Cable Car?

Expect larger crowds and longer wait times during weekends (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays) and duringpeak season (June-August, December, January). This period coincides with the best weather but also the most crowds.

How can I avoid long wait times?

Visit on weekdays (Tuesdays, Thursdays). It’s generally less crowded than on weekends. Go early in the morning. Shorter queues compared to later in the day. Purchase skip-the-line tickets. These allow you to skip the main queue and board the next available cable car. Visit during shoulder seasons (March-May, September): Fewer crowds compared to peak season.

Is there a specific time of day with the best views from the Langkawi Cable Car?

While the views are stunning throughout the day, we recommend going in the late afternoon. This avoids the harsh midday sun and might offer a chance to witness a beautiful sunset (weather permitting).

Are there any nighttime operations for Langkawi Cable Car?

No, Langkawi Cable Car does not operate at night.

How much extra time should I factor in for timings if I plan to visit the Sky Bridge along with the Cable Car?

If you plan to visit both the Langkawi Cable Car and the Sky Bridge, allocate an extra 1-2 hours to your trip. This allows time for the additional cable car ride to the Sky Bridge, exploring the bridge itself, and potentially waiting in line for both attractions.